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                 Tailored kit now available for new Toyota 70 series 4 cylinder 2800                                          

  Don't lose your cool.... fit an EngineSaver

    An Engine Saver® constantly monitors the coolant level in your engine
Over 70% of major engine blow-ups are caused by coolant loss going
 un-detected as the normal temperature gauge will drop in cases of sudden
coolant loss because it needs coolant around it to work.

I'll guess you've seen those cheap external engine temperature monitors advertised on TV by the bloke in the blue overalls?
Well consider this.. their sensor simply bolts onto the outside of the engine.
That's fine if you want to know what the external temperature is but tells nothing of what is happening deep inside the expensive workings of your motor where it matters.
And from a cold start you can completely ruin your motor through overheating before the outside even gets very hot.
By the time the outside gets hot the motor is just very expensive junk.

An Enginesaver Low Coolant Alarm will instantly alert you soon as the key is turned
if the coolant level is low with visual and audible warnings, right from the start

Before any expensive damage is done.

 All our models come with a two year unconditional guarantee
and a 24/7 helpline.


 Do you really want to drill a hole in your radiator? With an Engine Saver® you don't have to.

We have 2 main types of coolant sensors, screw in fitting and In-line hose sensors.

For those who simply must drill a hole in a metal tank we can supply a screw in sensor with or without a solder in threaded brass bush. Various sizes are available on request.

Electrolysis... Want the truth?

Toyota kits with screw in sensors
For Toyota Land Cruiser 200, 76, 79, Series V8 engines
The sensor replaces the existing radiator air bleed screw
 Hilux D4D 3.0L Diesel with screw in sensor
And Toyota Prado D4D 3.0L Diesel with screw in sensor
Sensor screws straight into the thermostat housing
replacing the air bleed fitting.
Kits are available for most vehicles.
Fleet /Mine buyers please contact David direct.
Toyota/Nissan Mine site vehicles a specialty
07-47766334 or 0427159668


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Please note:
The Engine Saver® Is designed to assist in the prevention of your engines overheating
 It is not a guarantee that overheating will not occur

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