Who Are We?    
A family business operating in Ingham, Far North Queensland.
What Do We Do?    
We Design and Manufacture Low Coolant Alarms for petrol and diesel engines.
We provide a sales and backup service second to none.
Why Are We In This Business?  
 I cooked a motor in the family car due to a split heater hose. 
 I was out bush at the time and it caused me a lot of grief, After the rebuild I looked for a coolant
 Alarm & was very disappointed with what was available on the market.                       
 We eventually spent a lot of money and time on the project and came up with something unique.
 I built  prototypes for family and friends as well as my own vehicle.
 These units worked so well that a friend introduced us to potential trade customers who took our 
 product up immediately and have been with us ever since.
Are We Any Good At It?
 We have been in this business for over 16 years now.
 Around 50% percent of our turnover is repeat business from the automotive trade both here
 in Australia, UK and Asia.
 We constantly develop and test our products to a high standard whilst keeping the cost
 competitive. The repeat business speaks for itself.
Why Have I Not Heard of Enginesaver® Before?
 Although we have been successfully selling Engine Saver® to the trade for nine years we have
 not advertised much. We believe word of mouth is the best form of advertising, although slow.
 Last year we began a very modest advertising campaign to increase demand for our product in
 the retail sector without putting our manufacturing capability under strain.
 Our main goal is to keep Engine Saver® quality and reliability rating as high as possible.
Do Our Alarms Work And Are They Reliable?
The Engine Saver® is solid state, industrial quality, heavy duty, epoxy filled, and has no moving parts. It is an extremely sensitive circuit which will operate over a wide range of values over a huge
temperature range and yet is robust and extremely stable. 
The Engine Saver® is normally unaffected by coolants coating the sensor probe with the high resistance film which prevents electrolysis.
This is called probe filming, which causes false alarms and affects most other units on the market. 
We believe that we have the best reliability record of any unit made anywhere in the world.
This is genuinely reflected in the quality of our trade customer client base.
We fully intend to maintain this position in the future by constant research, development and total commitment to the quality of our products. 
What is the In-Line Sensor?
The In-Line sensor is an injection moulded fitting made from an advanced thermoplastic which is the material most modern engine plastic components are made from.
It is extremely strong and heat resistant. We have tested it to over 300 degrees C
We have them manufactured in Australia in Queensland to our own exacting specification.
It is very easy to fit, and gives us accurate control over the positioning of the sensor.
This is our most popular product and will fit most applications.
They are only 50mm long and will fit almost any hose size or shape.
All Radiator top header tanks used to be made from metal and holes were drilled and probes were screwed into a soldered in adaptor.
Radiator top header tanks today are mostly made from plastic and they are fragile and very prone to cracking so it makes a lot of sense not to go drilling holes in them.
Some top tanks now are also very small, and the top radiator hose often contains more coolant than the tank itself. so it makes sense to position the sensor in the hose.
Also the top of the radiator is not always the highest point in the cooling system in a modern vehicle, it is often the top radiator hose so with an Engine Saver® you are able to position the
sensor at the highest most sensitive point.
To fit a screwed in probe usually means removing the radiator from the vehicle at a radiator works.
This is time consuming and expensive. Quite a lot of coolant is lost and has to be replaced.
The Engine Saver® probe can be fitted at home in a few minutes. Usually less than a litre of coolant is lost with in-line sensors. 
Some vehicles like the Land Rovers, Toyotas and Nissan 4wd's already have a threaded fitting to
accommodate a screw in probe.
We manufacture screw in sensor probes to directly replace these bleed screws
With these screw in probes absolutely no coolant is lost and fitting them is the work of just a few seconds.   
Will The Sensor Leak?
No. Our sensors do not leak at all.
We provide simple clear fitting instructions and as long as these are followed no leakage will occur.

PHONE : (+61)  07-47766334  7 DAYS A WEEK

Email : enginesaver@bigpond.com


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