"Just a note to let you know that the Engine Saver® which I recently installed on my 95 Discovery, did the job
for me this past week 
In addition to installing the Engine Saver®, I had also replaced all of the radiator/heater hoses and replaced the
original black plastic coolant tank as these have a reputation for splitting after some time.
I thought I had covered most bases.
Anyway, after picking up my son from school last week, I went to re-start my car and the Alarm/Led remained
on after starting the car.
I immediately stopped the engine and looked under the bonnet and observed a large pool of coolant under the
engine bay.
My water pump seal had failed in a big way,
The vehicle is sporting a brand new water pump now, and I am really glad I bought your alarm."

All the best

David Cahill


I just got a message from Rags67 , He is at the outback challenge .

Well all ill say is it took me the best part of 4 weeks to talk him into fitting a Engine Saver to his Tdi Defender ,Which he did fit one

Well he left last week for the outback challenge ,Ive had a few messages telling me he was having a great time, Well today i get a message saying that his engine saver had saved his engine after blowing a radiator hose , Yep the best investment he has ever made he now tells me
The Proof is there anyone that dosen,t have one for the sake of a few $$$ you could save thousands

cheers chris


I have fitted to my Landcruiser  Troopcarrier the Low Water Alarm, The vehicle is used as an oversize load Pilot/Escort vehicle , The fitting of this alarm has saved the engine on two occasions, thus saving me thousands of dollars and lost time not only to me but on one occasion the truck I was escorting across the Nullabor , without the alarm the water loss would have been in a more remote area and caused delay to the operation, well worth the money invested,

Doug Tilley



"I purchased a low coolant alarm for my 12 year-old Mazda Bongo, and consider it an important device for older vehicles: especially for vans like the Bongo, which has some hoses that are prone to leak, and an aluminium cylinder head which is liable to crack if the engine is overheated. The Engine SaverŪ alarm is easy to fit, and the warning light can be neatly installed in a blank dashboard switch. My order was processed very punctually and efficiently,and the Engine SaverŪ alarm is a well-made piece of kit that gives great peace of mind.
I highly recommend it".  

David Waynforth      



Bought and fitted the Mk 3 (Twin lighter socket) for the Bongo. Very comprehensive kit and instructions, easy to fit and works. Good value for peace of mind.
Also quick and helpful response to query on related subject.

John Dransfield


A short time back I bought your in-line kit
for my TD5 Defender, which is excellent.

In the near future I intend replacing
all the hoses and see you now have
your new sensor to replace the
bleed screw. This is a great idea
to avoid cutting the hoses.

I fitted the replacement (sensor) this morning and must say
it's very neat and a bloody good idea.
I'm most impressed with the simplicity of the unit.

Ross Nicoll