For the record, and for Haydn's info, his Mk 1 alarm saved my bacon by

sounding when the coolant level suddenly dropped today - and his TM-2 engine
temperature monitor confirmed that the loss was not at that stage related to
overheating. There's some evidence of (dried) coolant spill around the
radiator cap - whether newly deposited or not I can't tell, but I'll try a
new cap first, anyway. Can't see leak signs elsewhere but will get a
pressure test if the cap doesn't do the trick.


 David Street

"In our view Haydn has adopted and adapted a simple but essential device.
We import and sell hundreds of Bongo's per annum and actively urge all our customers to have one fitted,
indeed we offer to fit and supply at almost cost price.
The peace of mind the devices give us and indeed the customer is paramount.
Our Bongo's go through exhaustive checks for hoses and indeed pressure testing however a core plug could let loose and create a similar water loss, the alarm is again protective.
Basically we view the alarm as peace of mind insurance and has without doubt reduced our warranty bills.
Many of the reputable dealers and Bongo mechanics now are taking this device on board nationwide.
We have absolutely no financial connection with Haydn, but we have helped support and pioneer his idea simply because it is worth it.
All I can say to sum up is that our own fleet of courtesy Bongo's have them fitted."



"There are two or three 'musts' that you should attend to if you plan to own and run a Bongo or Freda.
  In my view, fitting a low coolant alarm is top of that list. I'm not a mechanic, but  I managed to fit it myself
  with no problems. The result is simple, elegant and gives me complete peace of mind. Thank you"

I Bongo, there fore I am..... Bongoing, Bongoing. Bongone

"Fitting of the Mk2 coolant alarm was simple to do, only a 10/15 minute job. It gives me peace of mind, knowing  that, should the Bongo engine start to loose coolant, I have time to stop and prevent extensive damage.
 Prevention, has to be better than cure.

Neil Taylor

"Not difficult to fit - read the instructions and take it step by step.
 Going around a bend on a hill the alarm light flashed briefly and on checking found the coolant had dropped very  slightly since last topped up. Stich in time and all that.


"I purchased a low coolant alarm for my 12 year-old Mazda Bongo, and consider it an important device for older         vehicles: especially for vans like the Bongo, which has some hoses that are prone to leak, and an aluminium
   cylinder head which is liable to crack if the engine is overheated. The Engine Saver® alarm is easy to fit, and the    warning light can be neatly installed in a blank dashboard switch. My order was processed very punctually and        efficiently, and the Engine Saver® alarm is a well-made piece of kit that gives great peace of mind.
   I highly recommend it".  

David Waynforth      

"An absolute lifesaver!
 Not just an investment, this piece of kit is a priceless aid to keeping the Bongo on the road.
 Only regret is not buying one before the head cracked!"

Chris H

"I have fitted the Haydn coolant alarm to my vehicle. This brilliant piece of technology gives me the piece of mind 
   knowing it's always checking the coolant level, even at start up it lets me know all is OK".

David Pinner

"The low coolant alarm is an essential tool in the arsenal of tools to keep your bongo on the road.
 The alarm notified me of a coolant loss in traffic in Birmingham City Centre, not a place I'd choose to conveniently
 check the coolant!
 I feel major engine damage was averted because of this alarm.
 Simple to fit, and above all, offers great peace of mind."


"Fitting one of these alarms is a must.

I fitted the Mark 1 model, took about an hour, not difficult and well worth the work to have so much piece
of mind.
Thank you Haydn."

Karl  aka (RoosterUK)

"Hi Haydn.
The product was supplied quickly and well packed with concise instructions on installing and testing.
I bought the non ciggy version, ie. fixed and the installation went very well.
I tested it as per instructions and have not had to use it in anger.
If in douby about your ability to install this alarm, buy the cigarette version."

Paul (Lizard)

"After much consideration and discussion on the Mazda bongo Owners Forum, I decided to invest in the coolant
loss alarm as any overheating problems seem to end up very costly.
It was simple to fit & run the wires, great peace of mind for very little outlay, I would most definately recommend
this to any Bongo owner that has not already fitted one".


"Just a note to let you know that the Engine Saver® which I recently installed on my 95 Discovery, did the job

for me this past week 
In addition to installing the Engine Saver®, I had also replaced all of the radiator/heater hoses and replaced the
original black plastic coolant tank as these have a reputation for splitting after some time.
I thought I had covered most bases.
Anyway, after picking up my son from school last week, I went to re-start my car and the Alarm/Led remained
on after starting the car.
I immediately stopped the engine and looked under the bonnet and observed a large pool of coolant under the
engine bay.
My water pump seal had failed in a big way,
The vehicle is sporting a brand new water pump now, and I am really glad I bought your alarm."

All the best

David Cahill

"A big thank you to Haydn,
who explained to this non-technical, non-mechanic the reasons why an alarm is needed.
How to test my recently purchased vehicle and talk my local mechanic through the installation-even going so
far as to recommend a reasonable price for the labour.

Thank you for your kindness and patience and most of all for the peace of mind your excellent alarm brings me"


"I invested in one of Haydn's coolant alarms, Money well spent and something less to worry about unless

you have money to burn."


"Brilliant bit of kit. May save my lovely 10 year old Bongo one day.
Well supported by Haydn, top Bloke.
Clear instructions, quality kit - a must have."

Stuart Chambers

"Haydn's alarm is a must for any Bongo.
I have suffered overheating troubles costing nearly £2000 to sort out.
My only regret is not fitting one sooner.
I am no mechanic, but have a sound knowledge of what I am doing, and it is an absolute doddle to fit.
Money well spent!! Thanks haydn."

Coco bongo

Thanks Haydn for supplying the Engine Saver kit for trial purposes.
The fitting is straight forward and hopefully one day it will prove it's worth and save me another
cylinder head.
All cars/trucks should have them fitted if only for personal peace of mind.
Good luck with the sales and thanks again.

Anthony Sheil

Full write up can be viewed at:   http://www.hiluxsurf.co.uk/forums/showthread.php?t=42464

Fitted the Mk3 double cigarette socket alarm in about 20 minutes, so easy to do and gives such peace of mind.
Thanks for a superb piece of kit.

David Edwards

Hi all we had our new hoses fitted and Hayden's alarm about 2 weeks ago, all was well kept checking coolant.
We had a rushed visit to hospital last night 70 mile round trip. I got back 4am this morning leaving Gary there.
(we should be camping tomorrow) anyway we got in bongo this morning to go back to hospital and the alarm sounded, put the bonnet up and to my disbelieve no visible water in the tank. I put 1.5 litres of water in and took
it to the garage who fitted the hoses and alarm, he had a good look and could find nothing said it was ok to do
the trip again so I did got back all seems fine. I have not checked the tank yet as it's too hot, but will do later,
What do you think air in the system that's found it's way out? I hope so.
The moral of the story is if we did not have the alarm I would have defo cooked the engine today so thanks
so much Haydn.


Many thanks for your quick (understatement) response in suppling the MK1 alarm. It arrived on Saturday as promised. I had to delay a drive out for family commitment waiting for the postman but was able to install it this morning - an easy way to spend an hour or so on a Sunday morning.  The clear and simple instructions made the job as straight forward as others have reported on the Bongofury forum.
David Croston (Croz)

More than delighted with my alarm, even managed to fit it myself it's that easy.
It has possibly saved me a fortune already, as when I had leak in the radiator, the alarm went off, letting me know that the coolant was low. therefore catching it early. If I did not have the alarm fitted, I dread to think what could of happened. I would recommend fitting it as standard.

Brorabongo ( Donald Maclennan )

Purchased a low coolant alarm a few weeks back and upon installation found the buzzer to be faulty, after a quick call to Haydn the new buzzer arrived the very next day, no questions asked .The system works perfect under test (hopefully the only time), many thanks FOR A PERFECT SERVICE



About a month ago I had the hose that leads from the cylinder head to the heater matrix pipes split, the coolant alarm picked this up fantastically well; there was still coolant left in the header tank when I pulled over to check why the alarm was sounding whilst I was on the move (never heard it other than at start up before). Was able to wrap the hose well enough to get the mile or so home.                                                                                                                         New hose fitted and problem sorted  No overheating and all the horrors that go with thatAll the usual riders about my cooling system being known to be in a very poor state of repair apply (although at this rate it will probably be all shiny and new inside the year!), so your mileage may vary!  I know a lot of you guys out there really aren't convinced by this but I already think the alarm has already saved me from another engine rebuild!  


I fitted the Hi Coolant Alarm add-on at the weekend & it went very smoothly. It took just under an hour, but only because I had to remove the instrument panel / speedo as I'd previously fitted the Low Coolant alarm behind the circuit board so I could mount the LED above the temperature gauge. In addition, I had to remove the cowl around the steering wheel as the cruise control stalk was getting in the way of the speedo removal.

The only modification required was to fit a solder ring tag to the red positive wire so I could take a feed from the back of the instrument panel. That was just 'cos I wanted to match how I'd wired the original alarm.

Testing the unit was easy: dip the spade connector into the top of the expansion tank & after about 5 seconds the alarm starts to gently sound & then build to full volume after a couple of seconds.

Haydn, I'm very impressed with your addition to the Low Coolant Alarm. It now covers the scenario I had when my head gasket failed, as well as when I had a airlock due to a pin-hole in the bleed hose. Nice one

Simon Jones